Train up a child in the way he should go: and when heis old, he will not depart from it.
(King James Version with Strong’s Numbers, Proverbs. 22:6)

Hong Kong Christian Service Pario Kindergarten

We are determined to cultivate children to become happy and lovely children. In our specially designed positive emotion education courses, children can learn about different emotions and corresponding skills through games, learn to strengthen themselves in the changing environment in the future, and lay the foundation for a positive life.

We have a separate individual Montessori classroom where children can enjoy a caring and harmonious relationship with their peers in a mixed-age learning group. They are free to complete various tasks according to their own pace, interests and abilities, and enjoy the process of learning. We aim to cultivate their sense of autonomy, self-discipline and responsibility to better prepare them for future challenges.

School News
Video Highlights
Compliments from Parents
Graduates and parents said “Thank you to the teachers for their guidance, allowing

the children to spend three years of rich kindergarten life. ”

K1 parents said “Thank you to the teachers for their hard work in filming the teaching videos, which made the children more engaged in distance learning activities.”

K2 Parents said “ally appreciate the story recordings produced by the school during the period when classes are not resumed. This allows children to engage in storytelling activities without having to watch electronic technology, and at the same time improves children’s concentration.”

K3 Parents said “Children are unable to return to school during the New Year. The New Year activities prepared by the school, such as online celebrations, blessing videos, mini New Year’s Eve, etc., allow children to feel the festive atmosphere.”

Additional Resources
  • Our school was granted $211,800 from the EDB’s “NCS Grant” to purchase teaching materials and resources, and organize cultural inclusion activities.
  • Our school was granted $50,000 from the EDB’s “2023/24 School Year Home-School Collaboration Activities Plan” to promote home-school collaboration activities.
  • Our school was granted $15,779 from the EDB’s “Gift Book Scheme” to purchase books for each child aged 3-6 to encourage them to read at home and develop their interest in reading.
  • Our school was granted $37,700 from the EDB’s “Kindergarten Activity Grant” to organize experiential learning activities outside the classroom.
  • Our school was granted $3,500 for maintaining green areas and green activities under the “Greening School Subsidy Scheme 2023/24”.